About us

Founded in 2017 in the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, NY, by the creative minds of Amanda and Christopher Hayden, Unearthly Cosmetics is a manifestation of their shared passion for art. At the heart of Unearthly Cosmetics lies the desire to weave art and makeup into a seamless tapestry. Our goal is to infuse every creation with a heavy art influence, presenting unique color stories and products that dare you to embrace your inner weirdo. At the very core of Unearthly Cosmetics lies an unwavering commitment to being a vegan and cruelty-free brand.
Embracing diversity and inclusivity, we strive to build a warm and welcoming community of kindred spirits. Within our cosmic sanctuary, we foster a sense of belonging, where creativity flourishes, and differences are celebrated. 
We are committed to crafting products that go beyond the surface, encouraging you to tap into your inner artist and embrace the colors that speak to your soul. With every brushstroke, every swatch, and every blend, we seek to ignite a spark of creativity within you. 
Together, let's embark on a celestial adventure - where art, beauty, compassion, and creativity intertwine. Unearthly Cosmetics welcomes you to embrace your truest self, shine brighter than the cosmos, and join us in illuminating the world with the brilliance of self-expression.