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Unleash the enchanting magic of the Genie Loose Pigment, a bewitching and ethereal creation that grants your beauty wishes. Encased in a delicate 2-gram jar, this mesmerizing pigment holds the very essence of a mystical Genie's allure. It reveals an iridescent wonder, gracefully shifting from a pure and angelic white to a captivating and icy green, adorned with glistening golden flecks that add a touch of celestial radiance.

Prepare to be mesmerized as the Genie Loose Pigment delicately adorns your skin, leaving behind a trail of ethereal brilliance that shimmers like the twinkling stars in a moonlit sky. Each stroke becomes a magical invocation, as the colors blend seamlessly, conjuring an entrancing dance of hues that mirrors the breathtaking beauty of a Genie's spellbinding powers.